Training nurses to administer chemotherapy & biotherapy safely. 

Helping hospitals meet the needs of caring for their growing hematology & oncology patient population


Increased Demand for Chemotherapy-Trained Nurses

Non-heme/onc conditions that receive chemo/bio:
Post-Heart Transplant
Juvenile Lupus
Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis
Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease
Auto-immune disorders
You do not need to be a heme/onc nurse to administer chemotherapy & biotherapy.
Hospitals now are requiring nurses to get chemo/bio-trained.
Nurses administering hazardous drugs without proper training can be nerve-wracking and dangerous.        
  There are risks to nurses who don't have the proper training and guidance. 
Feel safe and competent about giving chemotherapy/biotherapy. 
Get 2-Day Virtual APHON Pediatric Chemotherapy Biotherapy Provider Training.

Learn from a seasoned nurse instructor & have your chemo/bio questions answered.

Whether you are a seasoned nurse or a new graduate nurse, we'll provide you with the knowledge to start your rewarding career as a chemo/bio-trained nurse.

Hospital's Growing Heme/Onc
Patient Population

Increased demand for chemotherapy/biotherapy administration on non-hematology/oncology units such as:
Pediatric Intensive Care Units
Cardiovascular Acute Units
Medical/Surgical Units
Clinical Research Units
Sedation Units
Infusion Clinics
Home Health

       Oncology is one of the top 3 diagnoses in Pediatric Intensive Care Units.   

Barriers to chemo/bio training for your nurses:   

Chemo instructors responsibilities: patient care, clinical nurse educator, department manager.   

   Inability to offer courses frequently: setting up a course, secure a location, coordinate logistics, unit staffing, timing, and finding instructors 

  Smaller departments may only have 1-3 instructors and cannot handle training the whole hospital.

Outsourcing your chemo/bio training:

You hold many responsibilities for your nursing department.

We understand how difficult it can be to offer courses to your staff nurses and new hire nurses. 

We offer monthly APHON Peds Chemo/Bio Provider Courses, so your nurses can access training regularly. 

Need more personalized support in training your nurses? Let us know your specific needs. 



Jasmine K.
Adult Heme/Onc/BMT Registered Nurse, WA

I have 6 years of bedside, outpatient and clinical trials experience in adult BMT, immunotherapy and hemeonc treatment, so this course was just what I needed to bridge into the pediatric world. I feel well prepared to take the exam and more importantly care for pediatric patients and their families!

Holding Hands

Wendy H.
Registered Nurse, CA

The APHON certification class I took with STAT Chemo Trainers was fantastic. Stephanie was a top-notch instructor. She was organized, had great communication, she is so knowledgeable about pediatric chemo and biotherapy, and she made the class so much fun and engaging. I would 100% recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn a lot about Pediatric Heme Onc and chemo administration.


Anne P.
Registered Nurse, NY

This course was extremely helpful in teaching me the basic knowledge of cancer and all the different chemotherapy & biotherapy treatments. This course was organized in a way that was easy to follow and not overloading me with information. There was a lot of important details taught in the class but it was done in a succinct and efficient way. There were also effective repetition throughout the course so that the information can truly be absorbed. I highly recommend this course!

Caring Child

Julie D.
Pediatric sedation, Heme/Onc Registered Nurse Manager, VA

Stephanie was wonderful, thorough, patient and an overall great educator.


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