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Your Next Step:
Understand Your Healthcare Organization's Challenges

Most healthcare organizations today face the challenge of ensuring their organization is compliant with chemotherapy safe handling regulations. 

Healthcare organizations that do not provide consistent high quality chemotherapy training can face patient safety issues:

Nurse preceptors are teaching incorrect safe handling information to new hires and new nurses. 

Healthcare organizations are not providing consistent training on how to handle and administer a high alert medication, like chemotherapy.


Nursing departments are not evaluating competencies yearly to maintain best practices.

Healthcare organizations face hefty violations for not following OSHA regulations.

OSHA mandates all employers to have a Hazard Communication Program.

OSHA requires organizations to provide proper PPE to protect employees. 

OSHA requires healthcare organizations to provide Safety Data Sheets easily accessible to healthcare workers who handle hazardous drugs. 

Healthcare organizations are not addressing the barriers nurses face when handling and administering hazardous drugs safely.

Nurses wearing single chemo glove.

Nurses re-using disposable single-use chemo gowns.

Only 1/4 of nurses use closed system transfer devices, even though USP <800> requires it to be used. 

Your next step towards chemotherapy safety:

Learn more about how our solutions can solve your challenges.

We want to understand your challenges, so we can recommend customized solutions that will really work.


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