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Get Chemo Trained STAT! 


Virtual Chemo Training Course: 

APHON Pediatric Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Provider 2-Day Course for Registered Nurses

To Facilitate An Interactive Personalized Course,
Space Is Limited. Register Now.

Course Objectives

  • Develop clinical reasoning skills to safely and effectively administer chemotherapy and biotherapy

  • Understand pediatric cancer characteristics​​

  • Learn commonly given chemotherapy and biotherapy medications in pediatric cancers. 

  • Identify common side effects and toxicities

  • Understand the rationale for nursing interventions. 

  • Donning and doffing chemotherapy personal protective equipment

  • Explain proper disposal of chemotherapy

  • Describe organ toxicity and symptom management

Course Outline

  • General Cancer Overview

  • Clinical Trials and Ethical-Legal Considerations

  • Chemotherapy & Biotherapy Principles

  • Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs

  • Chemotherapy Administration​

  • Toxicity and Symptom Management

  • Psychosocial Considerations

  • Late Effects of Chemotherapy

What Makes Our APHON Course Unique? 

  • Stephanie is not only a APHON chemo bio instructor but is also trained in OSHA general outreach industry.

  • You will receive additional resources to reduce your acute exposure to hazardous drugs like chemotherapy

  • 100% of our participants have passed our exam

  • 100% of nurses and nurse practitioners report increased knowledge.

  • 80% of nurses report the course will improver their performance.

  • 100% of participants would recommend STAT Chemo Trainers to colleagues.

Textbook Requirement

  • APHON requires all participants to have a brand new and unused copy of: The Pediatric Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Curriculum 4th Edition (2019). 

  • Textbook provides you with a single use access code to take post-course exam. APHON does not allow participants to share textbooks as the code will not work for your.

  • You must have the textbook for the first day of the course or we will gladly help you reschedule. 


Based On What Nurses Learned From The Course, They Reported Several Practice Changes: 

  • Ensure I am using the appropriate PPE when handling bodily fluids.

  • I will be able to educate patients and families better about the medications they are receiving.

  • Take extra precautions when looking for med side effects.

  • Ensure that I am practicing safe handling techniques.

  • Be more aware of ways to prevent chemotherapy environmental contamination.

  • Pay more attention to safe handling, educate patients and families more.

  • Reminding myself and coworkers on safe handling practices.

Need an APHON Chemo/Bio Course For Your Organization or Travel Nurse Agency? 

We understand how difficult it can be to offer regular chemo/bio courses to train your nurses.

We offer monthly APHON Peds Chemo/Bio Courses.

Need more personalized support in training your nurses?

Fill out our Contact Us and let us know how we can best support your organization's needs. 

2-Day Live Virtual Course

APHON Pediatric Chemotherapy Biotherapy Provider eCard

2 Days from 8am-5pm Pacific Standard Time with breaks and lunch

14 Continuing Nursing Education (CNEs) 

Course Summary

What Nurses Have Said About Our APHON Course:

Linda H. RN, CA

An excellent course and the instructor is highly knowledgable and helpful. A definite plus to be able to take this course virtually and save the cost of travel/hotels/gas. I highly recommend Stat Chemo Trainers as your resource for the Aphon Pediatric Chemo/Biotherapy Course! Stephanie Darden is a gifted educator and a pleasure to learn from.

Shelley L. RN, CA


The interactive portions get you to use your critical thinking skills.  I have never given chemo before but I am very confident in my practice after this course..

Karlene B. RN, CA

Stephanie did a wonderful job of presenting a lot of information. She kept us engaged and reinforced the important information. I feel better prepared to sit for the exam with her help, knowledge, and expertise.

Rebecca S., RN Case Manager, CA

Very organized course and clear information taught.  Easy to follow Stephanie and she was very interactive with others in the class, even in a virtual platform.  Thank you.

Laura N. RN, Nurse Practitioner, NJ

Stephanie was a great instructor and super informative. You will feel confident after taking her 2 day course !

Course Process

  1. Fill out registration form for specific course dates.

  2. Receive a confirmation email with from us with course instructions and Zoom information.

  3. Buy your course textbook from APHON. 

  4. Compete 2-Day Course. 

  5. Take open book online exam and receive a passing score to receive APHON Peds Chemo Bio Provider card.

  6. Complete APHON Course Evaluation to obtain CNEs.

APHON Chemotherapy Biotherapy Provider Course Completion Card

  • Participants must attend entire 2 Day Course and successfully pass post-course online exam to receive Provider card. The exam is open book and is available at the end of the 2nd day of the course.  

  • 1st renewal occurs within 2 years of attending provider course and achieving passing score the post-test (online provided through APHON)

  • After initial renewal, all renewals afterwards occur every 3 years (online provided through APHON)

The value previous participants reported to them after taking the course to them and their organization: 

  • It was extremely helpful in connecting the dots on things my unit never taught me.

  • Information was very well presented and reinforced in creative ways. The information is very valuable to my current practice and the organization I work for.

  • Very valuable. I learned so much and will now be able to help my unit with the chemo patients. We have been short staffed on chemo trained nurses so this will make a difference!

  • This workshop was very beneficial and I am glad that I was required to take the course. My understanding of chemo/bio administration has grown so much just in the 2 short days.

  • I loved this workshop and how interactive it was. The interactive games and handouts really helped me retain everything I was learning. There are not many pediatric infusion nurses in my facility so I believe that it will be of great value for my organization to have my new expertise and skills.

  • Very helpful and informative; Stephanie did a great job of explaining things in terms that could be easily understood!

  • It is very informative I am learning a lot of information especially since I have not given chemo before. Very glad I took this course.

  • It's a good refresher that has opened my eyes to some things that might need be addressed/changed on my unit.


Please see our Refund Policy.

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