STAT Chemo Trainers is a healthcare training and consulting company focused on one thing:

Helping your healthcare organization become compliant in safe handling of chemotherapy medications.

Healthcare organizations now more than ever are seeing an increase in different types of therapies provided to patients.


Let us support your healthcare organization, so you can continue to care safely for your growing hematology & oncology patient population


Other safe handling companies provide general guidelines and general solutions to workplace hazards.

At STAT Chemo Trainers, we use our collective clinical nursing background, extensive healthcare experience, and OSHA training to help healthcare organizations build safer work places for patients and nurses. 

We specialize in your unique safe handling needs as a healthcare organization.

Our 3-Step Approach

1. Diagnosis Before Prescription.

Unlike other consultants who offer trainings and solutions without understanding your unique challenges as a healthcare organization...

We give recommendations after we have done a thorough assessment of your organization's safe handling practices.

2. Thorough Implementation Planning. 

We walk you step-by-step throughout the entire project before implementing any of our solutions.

We want to make sure you fully understand the process and have all of your questions answered.

3. Customized Solutions. 

Unlike other consultants who make quick generic recommendations and provide quick generic solutions...

We tailor our solutions to meet the needs identified in our diagnostic assessment process. 

Ready to get a no obligation baseline assessment of your organization's safe handling?

Founder &
Principal Consultant


Stephanie Darden, RN, BSN, CPHON,

General Industry OSHA Certified

"Helping patients get the life-saving treatment they need is very rewarding and fulfilling as a nurse. I am excited to train more nurses and support healthcare organizations in caring for this special patient population that I hold close to my heart." 

Clinical Qualifications

6+ years of administering chemotherapy and biotherapy

Certified Pediatric Hematology Oncology Nurse (CPHON)

General Industry OSHA Certification

APHON Pediatric Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Instructor 

In-depth clinical knowledge and experience administering chemotherapy/biotherapy to pediatric and adults


APHON Pediatric Chemo Biotherapy Provider 


ONS Adult Chemo Biotherapy Provider 

Stephanie Darden is the proud Founder of STAT Chemo Trainers. She is a Hematology/Oncology Registered Nurse and a Certified Pediatric Hematology Oncology Nurse.


She started STAT Chemo Trainers because she saw an increasing need for chemotherapy-trained nurses to care for the growing oncology patient population. Healthcare organizations today are tasked to meet the challenges in caring for the increasing growing oncology patient population.


We are passionate about this work because we want to support nurses and be able to reach more patients undergoing life-saving chemotherapy treatments.