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Having your APHON Pediatric Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Provider Card can open up more opportunities for your career.

Outpatient Jobs

Infusion Clinic Nurse

  • Flexible hours: 12 hour, 10 hour, 8 hour 

  • Flexible start times​

  • No night shifts

  • Possibly no weekends/holidays

  • Stable healthy patients

  • Tasks: Blood transfusion, chemo/biotherapy, PICC dressing change, port flush, IV bolus, IM injections, IV antibiotics

Phone Oncology Triage Nurse

  • Flexible hours: 8am-5pm or after-clinic hours

  • Possible work from home

  • No direct patient care

  • Highly autonomous, critical thinking

  • Tasks: Triage oncology concerns related to chemotherapy side effects, medications, and disease management

Oncology Nurse Navigator

  • 8 hour day shift

  • No weekends/holidays

  • Non-clinical patient care

  • Provide resources and support to help patients and their families during treatment

  • Tasks: Coordinate appointments, home care supplies, home care nursing, transportation to appointments

Inpatient Jobs

Pediatric Hematology Oncology Nurse

  • Day shift & night shift options

  • Differential pay for night shift, weekends, holidays

  • Increase your skills and build knowledge on managing care for oncology patients

  • Tasks: Care for acutely ill oncology patients

Float Pool

  • Many float pool positions require nurses to have APHON chemo provider card

  • Float pool differential

  • Better scheduling: choose days you want to work

  • Possibly less weekend and holiday requirements

Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse

  • Highly specialized oncology nurse

  • Administer stem cell transfusion and manage care for post-BMT patient

  • ICU-like environment, high acuity

These are a small sample of the many job opportunities your chemo provider card can open up for you. 

Learn more about our chemo course!

Chemo Course
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